It’s everything but slim pickings


A new restaurant is coming to town and it’s everything but slim pickings. It’s Slim Chickens.

The restaurant chain out of Fayetteville, Arkansas is opening 6 locations in North Dakota and the first will be in Minot.

It will be going into what use to be SudoWok on Broadway. The president of Preferred Restaurant Group says he thinks the restaurant is exactly what Minot needs.

Mike Sartwell: Yeah we think there’s going to be a much broader appeal with Slim Chickens. We love the product. I think it’s something that’s lacking in North Dakota, this better chicken option. As a matter of fact we brought the developments rights for all of North Dakota

You won’t find any burgers on the menu, except for chicken burgers.

It is also famous for it’s sauces to dig your chicken wings in…

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