Jacob Dockter feels it’s his duty to give back to those who helped him during his time of recovery.

Dockter is out giving rides to those in need in the Bismarck area. He said his reason behind assisting others is what pushes him through the snow — beyond having a big truck, of course.

“Back in 2015 I overdosed on heroin and fentanyl and I had the Bismarck Fire Department show up, the Bismarck police show up, and they ended up bringing me to the hospital giving me Narcan, essentially saving my life,” Dockter said.

He explained that he’s had many encounters with our different law enforcement agencies, and they have helped him tremendously.

“They always showed me grace, never got me in trouble but showed me recovery and treatment centers,” Dockter said.

He said he had to take a step back and look at what was happening around him before it was him.

“I think seeing a lot of people who didn’t come out of addiction, I had a lot of friends die or go to prison for a long time, I think just seeing that made me really wanna see my potential and I knew I had potential I just needed to get out of the addiction part,” Dockter said.

Right now, Dockter can’t work his normal job due to the extreme weather conditions, so he decided to spend his free time helping others. He said all of his rides are free of charge.

“I mean they have all saved my life multiple times, so it’s my way to give back. I think it’s the right thing to do you know if someone is in need without getting anything back,” Dockter said.

Dockter said he has given many rides to medical essential workers and even some in law enforcement.

Not only does he offer rides, but he will give you a pull if you get stuck. Maybe you’ll get lucky and he could be there to save your life.

“There was a lady on Broadway that was on the ground, her tummy on the ground and just laying there so I ended up stopping to see what happened, I think she fell obviously, her leg got hurt, so she couldn’t get up,” Dockter said.

Dockter said he pulled over, called 911 and emergency services came to help her.

He said that he will continue offering his services until about midnight on Wednesday and continue Thursday morning where he already has a list of people that need rides to work.

To contact Dockter for a ride, call 701-400-4917.