It’s National Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

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It’s National Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, a time to remember our feline friends when considering a new pet.

The Central Dakota Humane Society has twice as many cats than there are dogs.

Currently, they have 75 cats, and 2 litters of kittens. Organizers say this is a big year for them. The center also has 35 dogs.

To prevent lost cats, organizers say its best to spay and neuter your animals.

“There are so many lost cats right now. I think a lot of it comes from people kind of considering a cat as a throw-away pet or they will let it go outside whenever they want it to. But, that’s how cats get in trouble and reproduce and they make litters of kittens,” said Cameo Skager, Communications and Development director.

Cats provide companionship and they make you feel good when they are purring.

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