BISMARCK, ND (KXNET) — With prices rising on gas, utilities, and basic housing, a lot of family budgets are stretched thin.

The same can also be said about our groceries.

But one local man, and founder of the Dream Center in Bismarck, says food should not be on the list of stressful things.

That’s why he says he wants to help.

“Food is such a basic need. You know, we all have to eat,” said Jim Barnhardt.

Jim Barnhardt is the founder and runs the Dream Center in Bismarck, simply based on his love and desire to help others.

The Center runs 2 big events that bring a steady flow of food for free into our community for those in need.

And one program will take the food to you: Adopt-a-Block Food Distribution.

“Mobile grocery distribution, that originally started almost 4 years ago. We go out into neighborhoods that were selected in conjunction with Bismarck public schools, Mandan public schools, great plains, food bank, selecting areas of greatest need,” says Barnhardt.

Transportation is an issue for most, and with the cost of gas rising, paying for gas to go pay for food is not always the best option for lower income households.

He says there are a number of locations this mobile food option caters to.

But let’s say you’re able to make it to the Dream Center, well there’s something there to help you too: the food pantry.

Barnhardt says the pantry is open 6 days a week and their busiest day this year seems to be Mondays.

“They get a variety of food products – anything from canned goods to dairy to fresh produce to pastas, to last night it was leftover valentines, candy, chocolates, some bakery products, and then finally meat and milk,” said Barnhardt. 

He shares not only do they supply food, but the Dream Center also provides resources and connections for help financially and socially.

Some — to name a few — are tax filings, dental and health help, as well as job services.

So far this year, Barnhardt estimates that the Dream Center has assisted over 700 – 800 people in need every week.

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