Today was more than just April Fool’s Day.

For one Garrison woman, it’s her 100th birthday.

Alice Meier said, “I’ve been very blessed with a wonderful family and many, many friends.”

And that’s just who Meier was surrounded by at the Meadows Assisted Living Facility to celebrate her 100th year of life.

CJ Meier, Alice’s grandson, drove about 500 miles to celebrate.

“Grandma Alice, her love has been the sunshine over all of our lives,” CJ said.

Alice says getting to this big day hasn’t been the easiest as she’s had to battle various medical issues.

“I had a lot of problems when I was young. I had nine surgeries, I had a stroke, and cancer, two broken hips and a broken elbow so I had some problems when I was younger,” she said.

When asked if she thought she’d ever see 100…

“I never did. I never ever thought I’d live to be a hundred. I’ve been blessed. I’m not in any pain, so that’s good,” Meier said.

Another good thing, she didn’t have to spend her birthday alone in her room again, as she did for her 99th.

“They couldn’t have a party because of the virus so they had everybody stand in their door and sing happy birthday to me,” she said.

Many may wonder what’s the secret to living such a long life.

For Alice, she keeps it simple.

“Just take one day at a time and just do the best you can and have a little hope in the next day,” she said.

She says she finished out her day with a family and friends dinner at the Harbor Bar in Coleharbor.