Jasira, the Roosevelt Park Zoo’s female African lion, has passed away, the zoo announced on Monday. She was humanely euthanized in the company of her keepers on Friday, April 22, at 15 years old.

The zoo decided that the kindest act was to put an end to her suffering as she had been dealing with kidney disease.

According to the zoo, due to the disease, Jasira had quit eating and lost her desire to eat. Director Jeff Bullock says she and her mate Kiota were inseparable, and they especially enjoyed the larger lion exhibit together for the past two years.

“Her interactions with Kiota were probably the highlight, just watching that connection between the two,” Bullock added.

The zoo thanked the Minot community for trying to assist by donating meat to try to find something that would entice her to start eating.

But with her condition worsening by the day, the difficult decision was made to peacefully end her life.

Zookeepers also allowed Kiota to enter her den space to see that she had passed.

Jasira was born on Oct. 5, 2006, and in 2007 she and Kiota became the pride of the Roosevelt Park Zoo after the two of them moved there together.

The zoo will discuss a memorial service once all staff members are present for the spring zoo season.