MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — A fitness foundation that has gifted fitness centers in 40 states has made its way to North Dakota.

Three schools in the state are getting $100,000 fitness facilities, including Jim Hill middle school in Minot. The other two schools are Rolla School and Solen School.

Principal Mike Arlien says fitness is a top priority and he’s excited to expand on it with the new DON’T QUIT! fitness center.

“We have a premiere P.E. program here at Jim Hill,” said Arlien “And we’ve been able to educate those kids and give them the best fitness program that we’ve been able to.”

Jim Hill was chosen because they demonstrate leadership in getting and keeping students fit.

“Every Wednesday we do a fitness day,” said Fred Nelson, a P.E. teacher at the school. “So there’s always some sort of fitness activity that we do each week. and it varies week to week. Sometimes it’s a little more strength-related. Sometimes it’s more cardio-related. We try to keep it different throughout the year to introduce kids to different things. We try to be as educational as possible, I guess you could say. And so explaining why we do different things, and how we do different things, and trying to get them to do different things correctly.”

The P.E. space in the basement level is where the new fitness center will be.

Nelson says the new, state-of-the-art equipment will be useful.

“I think updating all of our equipment down in the shelter is going to be a big, big benefit to us moving forward,” said Nelson. “I think we’re gonna be able to make our fitness units a lot more meaningful.”

And students can’t wait to use it.

“It’s nice to get new equipment down there,” said eighth-grader Aubreyanna Ressler. “It’s really old. So it’s gonna be nice to use fresh, clean equipment.”

Aubreyanna says she enjoys P.E. class because she gets a chance to move around.

“We sit in a classroom all day and take notes and just keep writing,” she added. “Gym class is the only time that we really get to go and exercise and have fun and work our bodies.”

Arlien says he’s proud of the P.E. teachers for the work they’ve done to be recognized.

“They’ve just delivered top-notch education,” said Arlien. “And for them to go ahead and do this work and be rewarded with a $100,000 grant to update and modernize our center, is just a great accomplishment. I couldn’t be more proud of them.”

Arlien says the school plans to have a ribbon-cutting for the new center in October.