MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — Geography is certainly not the easiest subject in school, but it is very important.

One teacher is helping her kids learn geography in a very fun and interactive way.

Kristi Reinke is a 7th-grade World Geography teacher at Jim Hill Middle School.

In order to help her students learn about cities around North Dakota, she borrowed a giant traveling map of North Dakota from the North Dakota Geographic Alliance.

Reinke says the students are learning while also getting to move around the class.

“Obviously it’s very important for them to know how to spatially think. A lot of them travel for many different reasons and it’s nice for them to have an idea of where different locations, both politically and physically, are on the map,” said Reinke.

The students used teamwork to find the correct location that was called out on the map.

One student says it was fun to learn about the state’s geography in a different way.

He says it will help him remember all the locations.

“Because we’re doing something like this and it’s fun, it’ll be memorable for us in a way that we can remember oh we were chasing that one time to put this thing down on say, I don’t know, Minot. And we could say,’ Oh, I kind remember where that was,'” said 7th-grader Zachary Beeter.

Reinke says she uses this interactive map at least once a year for her students.

The device goes back to the geographic alliance, where other teachers in our state can request it too.