MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — One person’s junk could be another person’s treasure, and that’s exactly what was on display at a Junk sale at the State Fairgrounds.

The Granville Junkaholics started collecting items and quickly noticed they had too much stuff to keep in their houses.

They started selling their junk and slowly started to grow until they needed to move their sale to the North Dakota State Fairgrounds.

“So we have our whole room full of junk in this room, and then we invited other vendors to sell with us. So, we have junk vendors in the arena and there’s probably 60 of them,” said Granville Junkaholics Partner, Kolette Kramer.

Thousands stopped by this junk sale to find their hidden treasure.

After 13 years of hosting this event, the Granville Junkaholics have even witnessed some people buy back their refurbished furniture.

“We get a kick out of the people who call us to come do a dig, and then after we clean it up or redo it, repurpose it, they’ll come back and buy it back and we’re like but we got that from you,” added Granville Junkaholics Partner, Wanda Bachmeier.

If you are not into junk, not to worry, Granville Junkaholics say that there is something for everybody.

And if you are thinking about tossing something in the trash, think twice before you do so.

“And if you have something that you’re going to throw away, there’s a lot of shoppers here, looking for something that somebody else threw away,” said Kramer.

Granville Junkaholics usually have three events spread throughout the year.

The next Granville Junkaholics event will be the spring junk lover in May of 2023.