Kirsten Baesler has served as the superintendent of Public Instruction in North Dakota since 2013.

In that time, she has created a student cabinet, giving public officials a student’s perspective.

Members of the cabinet held a virtual webinar to discuss its benefits and its purpose.

Students and Baesler say this helps officials better understand what schools are doing right and what can be improved upon.

The students bring a wide variety of experience and diversity from their various school districts, and Baesler says it’s rather unique.

“We knew that we wanted to be different. I think that a lot of my staff thought I was a little bit crazy, we have people that are applying as third graders and as seniors in high school. And they are serving an 18 month term,” said Baesler.

Members of the cabinet have brought up focusing on topics such as mental health, fine arts and Native American education, and that standardized tests “work for, and not against, the student.”

Tuesday’s webinar was moderated by one of the members of the student cabinet — Zoey Bundy, a junior at Davies High School in Fargo.