There are constantly new developments in the fight against the Coronavirus.

CDC guidelines are often changing, but one thing that hasn’t – the message to get vaccinated.

There are many different covid variants, but the CDC lists Delta and Omicron as variants of concern because of how quickly they spread.

The omicron variant spreads more easily and it is currently the most common in North Dakota.

“The symptoms are slightly different, but they all start with symptoms, such as cough, fever, sore throat,” said Dr. Casmiar Nwaigwe, the Infectious Disease Specialist at Trinity Health.

He says while one original symptom of COVID was a person’s loss of taste and smell, Omicron may affect people differently.

“Something that we’ve noticed with the Omicron variant sometimes it presents almost like having allergies,” said Nwaigwe.

Symptoms of allergies, a common cold, the flu, and COVID are all similar.

A sore throat, runny nose, and sneezing are some things people might be experiencing.

“You cannot distinguish them from symptoms alone, but generally people tend to be sicker if they have COVID,” Dr. Nwaigwe said.

He also advises people to treat any symptoms as if they have covid and to get tested as soon as they can, especially if they have risk factors.

“Treatment works best if given early in the course of the illness.”

He adds, there are many different ways to lower the risk of getting sick.

“We’ve talked about social distancing,” said Dr. Nwaigwe. “Wearing a mask, use a surgical mask, the cloth mask is not as efficient as the surgical mask. When in public, avoid a large gathering of people.”

Dr. Nwaigwe says the best way to prevent covid or complications from covid, is to get vaccinated.

“The vaccination is effective, Most of the people who are sick and who are dying from COVID, have not been vaccinated,” said Dr. Nwaigwe.

He says over 80% of COVID deaths and hospitalizations are people that aren’t vaccinated.

Dr. Nwaigwe also says if you’re vaccinated, you should consider getting your booster, because it’s proven to be effective against the different covid variants, including Omicron.