After nearly 70 years, a Korean War Veteran was awarded medals he had earned during his time in the Army. 

Emanuel Klein of Minot spent nine months in Korea.

He recently started going to the Disabled American Veterans office and the person working with Klein pulled up his service records and found that he never received the medals he should’ve been awarded. 

In March, he finally received three bronze stars — one for every battle he was in, and three other recognitions — a Rifle, Korean, and National Defense medals.

He also received a Purple Heart for being wounded during combat when he was shot by a sniper.

Klein shared with us a little bit about what it was like to be over there. 

“It was tough. I lost quite a few buddies. One of my best friends got shot right along side of me. Was lucky I didn’t get hit, but he was okay because when he got back home, he wrote to me and said he was okay,” Klein said.

He said he no longer has that letter, but that his daughter and son have his uniforms.