Twenty-six years ago Friday, our parent company, Nexstar Media Group, was founded.

To honor the anniversary, KX News both in Bismarck and Minot went into our communities to give back, specifically to two organizations that have helped out so many people in North Dakota.

This year, we helped Heaven’s Helpers Soup Cafe in Bismarck and The Lord’s Cupboard Food Pantry in Minot.

“We’re hoping to help people with additional food to help their incomes or if they don’t have an income to help their basics,” said The Lord’s Cupboard Food Pantry Assistant Floor Manager Vickie Phippins.

The Lord’s Cupboard is available to anyone who is in need and is solely operated by 100% donations from the Minot community and various national and local grants.

“It always seems to flow in here. The food always seems to flow in here, it’s gotta be somebody sending it!” Phippins added.

Volunteers come from all over the area and this week, KX News joined the food pantry staff stocking shelves, breaking down boxes and other activities that will make sure families get the food they need.

In Bismarck, we put on aprons and served soup and meals to our neighbors at Heaven’s Helpers Soup Cafe.

Heavens Helpers is a group of Christians inspired to the helpless and heal the sick through faith and service.

“Really serving the community six days a week, all day long, and we do it with 30 volunteers every day. And so without the volunteers to help us do this, we wouldn’t be able to,” said Heaven’s Helpers Soup Cafe Founder and Executive Director Mark Meier.

Heaven’s Helpers serves at least two homemade soups each day and two types of sandwiches along with dessert and coffee.

Patrons are allowed to eat as much as they want.

“I would encourage people just to come and have a bowl of soup and a sandwich. Check us out,” Meier added.

Founder’s Day is a chance to say thank you to the community that inspires us every day.

North Dakota is among the top five most charitable states in the country, according to the World Giving Index.

More North Dakotans give back to their community through volunteering hours and donations than almost every other state.

Both organizations are always in need of summer help.