You may have noticed the wardrobes of the KX News team are quite different today, so why is that?

It’s to honor United Way T-Shirt Day, which is just one way KX News is putting North Dakota first.

We want to spread awareness about the nationwide non-profit that has chapters right here in our state.

The United Way consists of donors, advocates, and supporters that help communities with hunger, homelessness, literacy, and so much more.. so its mission couldn’t be done without the help of others.

“It’s all inspiring, when I see that from somebody,” said Rich Berg, executive director of the Souris Valley United Way. “And usually it’s somebody who has needs themselves, they just feel the desire to give.”

In addition to the t-shirts, participants were asked to commit a random act of kindness today.

Berg said he once heard of someone buying coffee for the person in front of them at the drive-thru, and that that went on for a day and a half.