Here at KX News, giving back to the community has always been one of our top priorities — and, on Tuesday, our storm team did just that.

Over the last few years, our Chief Meteorologist Tom Schrader visited Stanley Elementary to talk to kids about weather patterns and severe storms.

This past year, due to COVID-19, the typical in-person meetings were canceled.

Thankful enough, Schrader found a way to still meet with three of the school’s third-grade classes, only this time via Zoom.

“We’re very thankful that Tom agreed to do this with us today and my kids are super excited,” teacher Heidi Stafslien said.

“I’ve been to Stanley schools several times and last year, obviously with COVID, I couldn’t do it so it’s just one of those things I look forward to every year, so, this was really cool,” Schrader said.

Schrader says he credits other KX News staff for helping him make this meeting with the kids possible.