Granite is used for monuments, bridges and more. Granite is also becoming harder to get, with shipping and supply issues.

Those issues are affecting local businesses. However, Courtney Munch at Bismarck Marble and Granite says it’s not so much a lack of granite, but a lack of workers able to get it where it needs to go.

“It has to come from overseas and then it gets stuck in the shipping containers,” says Much.

One common use of granite is for headstones. But getting one in the ground could now take longer. On top of the wait, Munch says headstones are more expensive than they were a year ago.

“Now it could be up to a year, 14 months and it’s also really driven up the cost,” says Munch.

With many shortages, this is just another one affecting many people. Bismarck Marble and Granite suggests that if you need a headstone, to keep the wait time in mind.