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The blazing sun gives everyone an excuse to go out to the lakes and relax…but a large amount of aquatic vegetation can put a damper on your fun in the water. Weeds are having a heyday at Lake Metigoshe.

Looking out across the lake, it’s easy to see why so many people enjoy spending their summers at Lake Metigoshe. But lake life can come with its fair share of headaches too…like when you want to go out for a boat ride but the weeds have other ideas.

“I’ve had to pull over and swim under my jetski to clean the jets out so I can keep going and that’s frustrating,” said Debbie Currie, lake Resident.

Just looking off the docks of the many cabins that surround the lake, you can see rows of weeds stretching out into the open waters. For some, it doesn’t really have any impact on their summer fun.

“The kids aren’t really bothered, they don’t care. They’ll just go in it. I’m hesitant to just go for a swim because you have to go deep enough out to get past the seaweed. So it’s a little of a hindrance,” Currie said.

There is a reason the weeds are thriving. This spring, the water level was low.

“Out on the main lake, there’s plenty of water. You get into some of the bays that have been developed and the weeds start taking over,” said Dwane Getzlaff, Oak Creek Water Board Chair Member. “That extra 10 inches to a foot of water makes traveling in and out of the bays a lot easier.”

Direct sunlight and low water levels supply the vegetation with all it needs to grow.

“With the lake level going down, that vegetation is going to be more prominent or showing up in more areas just because the sun is able to get down farther into the water and the plants are able to grow bigger,” said Jason Lee, North-Central District Fishery Supervisor.

The weeds may be a hassle for lake goers, but the local biologists are thrilled for their contribution to fish.

“Looking at lake Metigoshe, it’s got fairly clear water and there is an abundance of aquatic vegetation and from the fishery standpoint, that’s a good thing. Fish need that habitat, big fish and small fish, to survive,” Lee added.

Meanwhile, some residents have taken to mowing down the weeds to improve their lake access as the weed growth continues.

It’s also important to remember to check your boat for plant life and drain it to avoid contaminating lakes with nuisance species.

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