It all begins with communication between the Burleigh County Sheriff’s Department and the Rough Rider Snowmobile Club.

When it comes to a winter emergency rescue in Burleigh County, these two join forces to help save lives.

“We page out our CERT team, our Rough Ryder Snowmobile club, it’s communication between one of them and the Sheriff’s Department,” Burleigh County Sheriff’s Department Chief Deputy Jim Hulm said.

“Sometimes we’ve been called out after a blizzard when the highways are shut down. We get out and ride the highways and check vehicles and make sure nobody is in there, and if there is, we contact the Sheriff’s department so that they can get somebody out there to assist,” Rough Rider Snowmobile Club member Kevin Schatz said.

“Myself and one of the other club members went and located the individuals, and we were able to get them back to safety,” Hulm said.

And when it comes to the Certified Emergency Response Team, or CERT, this is a totally different kind of rideshare program.

The Snowmobile Club helps get law enforcement officers, doctors, and nurses to work and even delivers medication to residents.

“We’ve got 20 members at the club right now that are certified and relaying stories about what we’ve assisted in,” Schatz said.

The club is CPR trained and is always prepared, having things like snacks on hand when searching for stranded motorists.

“Most of us have our snowmobiles at our residence, so we can respond almost immediately,” Schatz said.

The Rough Rider Snowmobile Club is supported by FEMA and is provided with the needed rescue equipment. The average response time is about 30 minutes.