BiBISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — The lunch hour was lively at the state capitol on Thursday, as bragging rights were on the line for a basketball fundraiser.

Special Olympics North Dakota once again hosted the Capitol Classic.

Eight teams were on the bracket, including senate and house lawmakers, lobbyists, elected officials, and the press.

The press team lost in the first round to the lobbyists.

Organizers included former secretary of state Al Jaeger along with former UND football coach Dale Lennon.

Special Olympics spokespeople say this year’s tournament raised over $21,000 for special athletes.

“Any dollar helps. We’re not state or federally funded and we don’t charge anything for our athletes. So, to be able to have this today, will help us pay for facility rentals, new jerseys, getting everybody back into activities we haven’t been able to do for the last three years,” Special Olympics North Dakota President, Nancy Hanson said.

This year, the senate republicans have crowned the champions.

The press team finished seventh, with a third-round victory over the senate democrats.