NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — It may not be growing season in North Dakota, but the U.S. Department of Agriculture wants you and your kids to still participate in growing.

In Wednesday’s Ag and Energy segment, we take you to an online tool, which provides resources for nutrition and gardening, which you can do right at home.

The online program is called “Foodprints.”

It contains videos that put the FoodPrints curriculum into action – for kids and families.

North Dakota families are big for growing food in greenhouses in winter, and there is a whole topic on that.

From easy vegetables to grow to healthy recipes, the lessons help kids explore agriculture, ask questions, and think deeply with several Food Prints teachers.

Margie Sollee, one of the Foodprints’ Teachers, said, “The biggest bonus that we got being virtual online was we got access to the parents. And it was exciting in two ways: those younger students got to show their adults what they did, and they were so excited. It was empowering. For those kids to say look mom, dad, grandma, I can do this. And for us to be able to show adults what we do at Food Prints. So, we were able to bridge that classroom-to-home learning.”

In addition to videos for kids and families, there are also videos to provide teachers with tips, strategies, and ideas for teaching Foodprints’ lessons and agricultural concepts in and out of the classroom.

For some videos and lesson ideas for the whole family, click here.