North Dakota’s legislature is now 69 days into the session with 11 days left to finish passing dozens of bills.

Senate Majority Leader Rich Wardner says he expects the assembly to wrap up by Tuesday of next week. That leaves five days for lawmakers to reconvene over the summer or another time to act on legislation since the constitution allows 80 total days.

Wardner says saving a few days will allow legislators to decide how to allocate federal COVID relief money.

“We may need days later on this summer to take care of the billion dollars of federal dollars coming in to the state that we don’t have guidelines for. We’ll have to have our appropriations people meet during the interim and when they get a solution and we get the rules for this money, then we may come back and have a special session and appropriate the dollars,” Wardner said.

Wardner says despite uncertainty at the start of how the session would operate because of new COVID protocols, it’s gone smoothly.