Bismarck, ND (KXNET) — People in North Dakota have been getting a full blast of wind this week.
And that means your Halloween decorations have either blown away or they’re hanging on for dear life.

But there are some quick How-To’s that homeowners can do to make sure their ghosts, pumpkins and front yard haunts stay where they’re supposed to.
Jeff Hinz from Kirkwood Ace hardware says homeowners can pick up simple items like cable ties and bungie cables to securely attach decorations.
You can also pickup stronger ground stakes and landscape staples to hold down heavier decorations and inflatables, many of which, don’t come with strong enough supports to stand up to 40 mile an hour wind gusts.

“If you find cable ties for outside, remember this. White ones are not sunlight resistant,” Hinz said. “Sunlight destroys white plastics. It’s the black plastics that stand up much better to sunlight outside.”

Hinz also says if any of your inflatables rip or tear from the wind, you can try a vinyl pool patch kit just like you’d use to plug a leak in your pool in the summer.