BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — In Wednesday’s Eye on Ag and Energy, we’re visiting a conference that’s helping keep the lights on across our state.

With over 12,000 workers, the lignite coal industry is a major source of jobs for North Dakotans.

To help secure those jobs for generations to come, the Lignite Energy Council holds an annual meeting — the 2023 edition of which began on Wednesday, October 4.

The meeting features speakers discussing topics directly impacting the energy industry, such as water resources and clean energy.

Chairman Mac McLennan says this year’s conference is focused on finding ways to continue to operate and abide by new regulations in an ever-changing world.

“Participants here are all going to be geared towards understanding those challenges, regulatory, economic, and otherwise,” said McLennan. “We find solutions together to ultimately work our way through or get through those challenges so that we can continue to provide economic opportunity in the region.”

Featured speakers on Thursday will include some North Dakota leaders, such as Lieutenant Governor Tammy Miller and Attorney General Drew Wrigley. They will discuss our state’s impact on the energy industry, and our continued push to produce more.