LINCOLN, N.D. (KXNET) — On Monday morning, some excited kids in Lincoln were eagerly listening to find out the winner of their recent reading challenge.

The kids around the school have spent the last month reading and voting for their favorites among 16 books.

There were cheers all around as the fourth graders at Lincoln Elementary found out their book ‘Small Spaces’ will move onto the championship round. The popular ghost story Katherine Arden involves a group of kids who end up on a chilling adventure while on a field trip.

“I knew we would win,” explained 4th grader, Abigail Scarlett, “because kids like scary and action — especially boys — so I thought they would vote on it.”

“It’s different books that’s like a game,” explained 4th grader, Bryson Brown. “It’s like the playoffs, and then you have the game — like, you’re so excited, you get a preview of the books and listen to the best parts about them, and then you have to vote for them.”

The other two books in Lincoln’s Final Four were ‘Petey’, about an old man with cerebral palsy who befriends a boy, and ‘Among the Hidden,’ about a boy who lives in hiding in the future where families are only allowed two children.

The kids at Lincoln will now vote for their favorite between that and the football story ‘Friday Night Lights’ to determine which is the most popular book in the school.