LINTON, N.D. (KXNET) — On Friday evening, Linton football players and fans are hoping for one more win, which would mean a playoff spot, but that’s not the only thing on families’ minds.

The town is also raising money for assistant coach Tim Dockter, who was diagnosed with esophageal cancer earlier this year.

Dockter has helped coach the Lions since 1990.

Right now, Dockter and his wife are seeing a doctor in Rochester, so they can’t be at Friday’s game.

But before the game against New Salem-Almont, fans are Tailgating for Tim, which includes soup for fans and asking for donations.

The benefit started on Thursday during Linton’s home volleyball game. The school helped print ‘We Fight Together’ shirts in Dockter’s honor.

“You know, I think Linton is extremely proud of tradition, and Tim’s a part of that, he’s been there, he’s been that guy on the sidelines and so we just want to show him that you know, we notice that when he’s not there,” Linton elementary principal Erin Huber said. “He’s in the right place and he’s where he needs to be right now, but we can’t wait for him to get better and get home and to be a part of our team and bring back that long-standing tradition, that we’re proud of here.”

“It’s a lot different since he’s not here, you can definitely tell he’s not here, we miss him, and you just miss his high spirits all the time, you know?” Linton senior Jace Jochim said. “Telling you what to do and trying to bring you up.”

Friday’s benefit also includes a punt, pass, and kick contest and music.