Pet owners in Mandan and the surrounding areas received essential pet care at a much-reduced rate for service.

“They’re plenty of resources that are included with this. What we see on the market for any of this is basically two to $500 for just these basic needs,” Terri Woo, a Furry Friends Rockin’ Rescue volunteer, said.

“To come out here and to have the time to do it has just been awesome. It feels good, we’re hoping we can continue it, we’re hoping we can get a little bit going.” Casey Rajewsky a veterinary technician said.

Furry Friends Rockin’ Rescue set up its mobile clinic in Mandan at The Riverwood RV Dealership. About 35 pet owners brought in their cats and dogs to receive health care, like spaying and neutering, for their animals.

“Spays are about 15 minutes, neuters are about five minutes. Dog spays are about a half-hour,” Rajewsky said.

“It’s very appropriate to get your pets fixed and to get your pets vaccinated and rescues that aren’t in those homes, they need treatment as well,” Woo said.

Jim Miller, the Owner of Riverwood RV and Auto Inc. says he opened his doors to support the mission.

“The group themselves is really easy to work with, nice group of people. Volunteers just need whatever help they can get in the community,” Miller said.

Vaccinations and checkups were also conducted, but spaying and neutering was a primary task to help with the overpopulation of pets.

“We will speak with the animal control agents and they will tell you that they are running night and day. They just can’t keep up. A lot of that is in result of unwanted litters,” Woo said.

The clinic will continue its mission work this weekend. Availability is open Saturday and Sunday starting at 7 a.m.

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