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For about a year, we’ve been following along with farmers at Flatland Farms in Berthold. We caught up with them again to find out how this year’s harvest went and what they’re looking forward to for next year.

“This fall compared to last year for I think pretty much all farmers in North Dakota definitely went a lot smoother,” said Cale Neshem, farmer.

Last year, they were battling the wet conditions quickly followed by freezing temps.

The Neshems and many other farmers had to leave some crops in the ground until spring came.

When we spoke to the Neshems at the beginning of August, they said they were hoping for an inch or two of rain. And, they got it — right when they needed it.

“We did get a .075 inch rain that really definitely helped finish off the crops around here for us. We were really hurting for some rainfall on these row crops and that definitely saved a lot of yield for us out there and that was a big deal,” said Neshem.

He says they were able to harvest everything they planted in the spring.

“The quality was really, really good this year. Definitely having a drier fall, definitely improves the quality of all the crops that we get off,” Neshem said.

This season went so well, they were able to get some extra work in before the snow fell.

“There’s not a tremendous amount left for us to do. We did get some fall fertilizer put on for the first time in probably three years, which is a big deal for us. We got a lot of fieldwork, got the fields into shape and whatnot and ready for next year,” said Neshem.

And Neshem says what the future holds is up to mother nature: what happens this winter will have an impact on the next season.

“The cracks out in the field are quite large and we do need some winter snowpack to help get us started next year. We could have some issues if we don’t catch a rain right away,” Neshem said.

Chief Meteorologist Tom Schrader shares what the forecast for the next few weeks looks like.

“Overall, even looking out to November 18-24, confidence is pretty high we’re not going to have any big storms or anything, and the temperatures are going to be above normal. And then, as I look from Nov. 21 through Dec. 4, most of the country, maybe not the west coast, but most of the country is going to be warmer than normal,” Schrader said.

“We just were really lucky and really blessed with what happened in our little area here,” Neshem said.

Neshem adds that unlike last year, they don’t have to dry out any of the crops before they ship them off.

This fall, the Neshems harvested corn, soybeans, wheat and sunflowers.

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