The warm weather and precipitation we experienced before the recent cool down is good news for gardeners, especially those who make a living off farmers’ markets. Lindsey Kershaw, co-owner of Prairie Gardens, can attest to that with her yield.

“Maybe a hundred pounds of pumpkins and a ton of peppers and zucchini and eggplants, “ Kershaw said when asked about how much she harvested.

She has been participating in the Capital Farmers Market for three years but has 30 years of experience with gardening.

“I had always gardened and gabled with selling it out of my home and then my uncle got me involved with this farmers market,” Kershaw said.

Some of her crops turned out great, while others did not.

“No luck with the tomatoes this year,” Kershaw said.

As a single parent, selling her produce helps take care of her family. Because of that, she needs buyers and others to be flexible with her hours.

“Just with his hours, it’s very hard to accommodate a traditional employer,” Kershaw said.

When it comes to this year’s weather, she says it has done her and many others some good.

“Hopefully, we can keep a little bit for a while, but I’ve heard that a traditional North Dakota wind is in the books,” Kershaw said.

But in the meantime, she will make room for storing her harvest when the time comes.

“It freezes obviously outside and then I’ll store it wherever I can, normally my garage,” Kershaw said.