BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — They’re paid to drive the big machinery that it takes to keep the city running, which includes snowplows, dump trucks, and loaders.

And while that can be a fun job that takes quite a bit of skill, those workers don’t get many chances to ‘show off’.

But just for Wednesday, these heavy machinery cowboys signed up for the Bismarck Public Works 11th Annual Equipment Operator “Roadeo.”

The contest challenged the workers in hands-on operational tests, where operators maneuvered their equipment through an obstacle course.

Chad Schiermeister with Bismarck Public Works said there’s no gold buckle for the winner, but this contest is a way to promote morale and professional fellowship among the workers

“These courses are set up so they don’t hit a car, a fire hydrant, pedestrians, stuff like that. There are obstacles, there’s reasons we do it that way, so that they are aware of what could be out there, hazards. So with the public watching, seeing us and finding out what we’re doing, I guess I should say, then at least they know we’re practicing and getting better at what we’re doing,” said Crew Leader of the Street Department, Chad Schiermeister.

Wednesday wasn’t just Bismarck workers who got in on the fun. City workers from Mandan and Lincoln were also invited, along with county workers from Burleigh and Morton counties.