A Bismarck man won the title of “Best Beard” at the first-ever KX Man Show Expo on Saturday.

Channing Nielsen decided to enter a beard contest after getting several compliments about his beard, little did he know he would actually win.

Nielsen has been growing his beard for a year and a half and says it’s a lot of work to keep up. He gets it trimmed once a month, combs it constantly and uses beard balms.

In the competition, he competed against two other men and won a prize pack of supplies to help with the upkeep.

Nielsen says his beard keeps him warm durng the winter months.

“I work outside a lot. I work at one of the coal mines. So, it is actually pretty nice in the wintertime to have some warmth on your face and a lot of guys at work kind of challenged me to it. I got the nicest one out of everyone at work I think,” said Nielsen.

Nielsen doesn’t plan on cutting is beard anytime soon.