MANDAN — Here at KX News, we’re proud of our armed forces and the veterans that have served our country. In today’s Veteran Voices, we highlight Mandan’s very own Stephanie Geiger, a Veteran of the Marine Corps.

“You get off the bus and you put your feet in these yellow footprints and that’s where it begins,” said Geiger.

It’s where Geiger was yelled at, told what to do and where to stand in formation.

“My mom and dad had to sign for me. So, she was not a happy camper that I was going to go into the Marine Corps,” said Geiger.

Her parents had no choice but to sign. She said once she turned 18, she was leaving anyway.

But, why the Marines?

“I knew there wasn’t enough money to help me go to college. So, I wanted to go into law enforcement and I thought that if I went into the military I could be a Military Police,” said Geiger.

It didn’t turn out as she planned — she served five and a half years in California and Hawaii — and when she came home she found her calling.

“I got a job at the vet center and part of my job was to talk to veterans and talk and listen,” said Geiger.

That’s when Geiger went back to school for social work. Little did she know she would be a voice for many veterans and help them get back on their feet.

“Stephanie works with a lot of veterans in the community. She works with veterans in the detachment. She will do anything for anybody. It’s great having her as a friend. It’s great having her as a co-worker,” said Ron Crouse, veteran.

Geiger volunteers at Marine Corps League in Mandan as a Senior Vice Commandant. When asked what she misses about being in the marines, she said she misses the camaraderie.

The Marine Corps League provides resources and helps veterans referring to housing, jobs and more. For more information click here