One mom is asking the community to send birthday cards to her daughter to help her celebrate.

Erin Rice will be turning 27 on Feb. 23.

She’s developmentally delayed, has epilepsy and mild cerebral palsy — so she hasn’t been able to leave the house much.

After seeing something similar on Facebook, Erin’s mom thought it’d be a good idea for her daughter.

So, she’s asking people in the community to send her a birthday card.

And, a couple of hints — Erin loves horses and coloring.

Plus, her mom doesn’t want it to stop there.

“Reach out to your nursing homes. Reach out to your group homes and say, ‘Hey, can I send a birthday card to a resident and cheer them up for their birthday?'” said Samantha Quinn, Erin’s mother.

Quinn says Erin has always wanted to go in a limousine and someone paid it forward, she’ll get to ride in one for an hour this Saturday.

To send Erin a birthday card:

Erin Rice
General Delivery
117 5th Ave. SW
Minot, ND 58701