The new school year is fast approaching, and buying school supplies and clothing is a must right now. But a local nonprofit is here to help lift the burden of those additional expenses by providing clothing all free of charge.

“We’ve seen that the need for clothing is pretty significant; especially in the last year with inflation and people are facing tighter budgets than they might normally face,” Youthworks development director Emily Yanish said.

Clothing of all styles and sizes was made available in the Bismarck High School school gymnasium.

“We got you covered, and we’ve been at BHS for the last several years; it’s the perfect space,” Yanish said.

There was no price tag, and it was all free. Clothes were generously donated of all styles and accessories that students will love.

“Hundreds of thousands of dollars; probably some people donate clothes that are still new with tags on them. There’s all sorts of name-brand items that we find,” Yanish said.

Hours of volunteer work went into setting up the clothing tables.

“Thousands and thousands of pounds, bags, and bags. We have been lucky to have the generous donations of the community to support this event,” Yanish said.

Hundreds of students will be dressed for success when returning to school in the coming weeks.

“They get clothing not only for themselves but also their siblings. We’ve definitely seen the impact and just seen the relief that their kids can go back to school with a full set of clothing at no cost,” Yanish said.

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