“I’ve been in the business for ten years and I’ve never done anything like this so I felt it was time to give back and do something good for somebody else,” owner of Parlor 22 Bre Burley said.

Burley is a cosmetologist in Minot, and has been doing so for nearly a decade. She knows the power of a simple haircut and wanted to provide that to those in the community.

“I just wanted to help other people feel good about themselves cause people don’t understand how important a haircut is it really can make you feel from going from drab to glam and you feel so much better and you look better,” Burley said.

That is what gave Burley the idea for the first ever Christmas Cuts event.

She quickly came together to plan the event in collaboration with other stylists, and the Ice Cold Ryders Motorcycle Club.

“I had just posted on one of the Facebook pages if anybody knew where I could go to help set up or cut hair and help other people and then ICR actually reached out to me and they got the ball rolling with everything,” Burley said.

“We’re a part of this community like everyone else and when we’re an organization as big as we are, if you’re morally obligated to help someone you should,” Secretary for ICRMC Jordon “Champ” Bailes said.

Nearly 60 people of all ages made appointments for haircuts..on top of several walk-ins.

Both Burley and Bailes understand sometimes something as simple as a trim, is a luxury.

“I’ve been in low places before and and I’ve had people reach out with simple things like a haircut,” Burley said.

“I didn’t have haircuts as a kid — for Christmas so to be able to do that for people it would be an amazing thing,” Bailes added.

Burley hopes to do another event next year, and just help the community one cut at a time.

“I would still like to go out in the community and help other people like maybe once a month at the homeless shelter the Men’s Refuge or wherever I can find people that need my services or all of our services,” Burley said.

Those who received haircuts also got Christmas photos taken with a couple motorcycles, and a Christmas treat.