The Maah Daah Hey Trail is officially the best in the Midwest, according to Midwest Living.

The magazine highlighted the biking trail under its “wellness” category.

After being revived a little over a decade ago, the trail holds both trail and biking races that draw in over 600 people.

The Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation hopes the recognition will draw even more people to the 150-mile-long trail.

“As we learned this last summer, people loved being outside. And so getting to come to the Badlands and knowing that you can find one of those trailheads that the Maah Daah Hey offers and do a short hike out or a nice long hike out is something that families will really get to enjoy,” explained Kaelee Knoell, the Marketing Manager for the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation.

Another North Dakota destination on the list was Fargo, as the Best Midsize Town.