About four months ago, KX News reported on the Magic City Blessing Bank — a stock of personal care items that are given to those in need, for free.

It launched on October 1st and since then, 535 orders have been filled, distributing 6,098 items to 1,118 individuals.

The Magic City Blessing Bank started as an idea that has evolved into a huge group effort made possible by many agencies, organizations, businesses, and individuals in the community.

Since its conception, people have donated money, items, and their time to help stock shelves or fill orders, or even to do things like hand-make pillowcases for those in need.

“Sometimes people may think that people would take advantage of it,” said coordinator Chuck Kranz, “but, to ask yourself if you’re willing to take any shampoo or a towel or a blanket, or detergent, you are in some level of need and just as a community we’re here to support each other and make this a better place.”

People have personally thanked Kranz for his idea that came to fruition and is now truly a blessing to so many people.

KX News was able to speak to one mother who said that the Magic City Blessing Bank accommodates needs that many places do not.

For example, food pantries have just food, Community Action can help with housing, but not the items necessary to live.

She said,

“For some, the need is ongoing, for others, it’s just a hand to help bridge a temporary gap. I think everyone we meet is going through something, mental health struggles, illnesses, whatever the case may be.
In our case, we were faced with family trauma, losing my sister to suicide several years ago. That has left us with ongoing needs.
Having two additional children in the home increases costs all around so not having to worry about laundry soap, shampoos and conditioner and so many other “quick run to target type items” has been a huge help in our lives.”

If clients have kids in the Minot Public School system, they can place orders through the school or at these four other locations:
Immanuel Baptist Church Soup Kitchen (Wednesdays from 11:00 – 12:30) 1615 2nd St SE
Ward County Social Services, 225 3rd St SE
YWCA, 205 3rd Ave SE
Minot Area Homeless Coalition, 105 1st St SE

If you’d like to donate, the top 10 most needed items are bath towels, pillows, pillowcases, batteries, city bus passes, toilet paper, paper towels, blankets, laundry detergent, 60-watt shatter proof light bulbs, and head lice treatment kits.
Items can be brought to the Souris Valley United Way.