Make Sure Your Kids Know These Few Things While Out-and-About this Summer

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It’s summertime, meaning kids are out and about, often by themselves.

The Morton County Sheriff has some tips for parents to make sure their kids stay safe. He says the number one thing is to make sure you always know where they’re at.

Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier adds, make sure to teach your kids their home address, and your phone number, so they reach you at all times.

They should also know another emergency contact, so law enforcement has a backup person to call in a dire situation.

Sheriff Kirchmeier says, “Some kids do have cellphones on them. And if they do come into a situation where they’re in trouble, or if something isn’t right, make sure they know how to dial 9-11, but use it appropriately. That’s the big thing.”

He also wants to remind kids about stranger danger. Never accept anything from people you don’t know.

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