Twelve-year-old Vanessa Fransen runs after knocking on her neighbor’s door — and no, she’s not ding dong ditching or pulling a prank, she is delivering books.

“Today we’re doing May Day surprises around the town to let kids have books since the Bookmobile can’t come and we don’t really have a library,” Fransen of Makoti said.

The library in Makoti is actually a little locker located at the park which was started by Vanessa and her family, a take-a-book leave-a-book system that allows families an easy way to get books.

“She saw a free little library — this was two years ago — and she wanted, she said let’s make one of those for our town,” Vanessa’s mom, Laura Fransen said.

The nonprofit company First Book, which sponsors little free libraries like the one in Makoti, had started surveying people about how their schools have been affected by COVID-19.

“So we had filled out their survey, you know, letting them know our school was shut down and the bookmobile can’t come to town and that we’d like to distribute books for a 4-H project and they gave us $100 credit,” Laura said.

The Fransen’s used the grant to purchase over 160 books to deliver to families in Makoti and surrounding areas.

“We went to Ryder and delivered to a few families there and we went to Plaza too and delivered to farms and families in town,” Vanessa said.

Even some four-legged friends wanted in on the books.

Laura says she feels like any proud mother.

“It feels really good is makes me proud of my kids.”

Vanessa says she is just glad to make people smile during this time.

“It’s kinda hard times and some people just kinda need something to do and something to get their feelings up.”

Vanessa said her favorite books to read are any books about animals.