An investigation into the Feb. 8 death of a man at a traffic stop in Mandan has cleared the two officers involved in the incident.

Mandan Police officers initiated a traffic stop on Feb. 8 on a vehicle driven by John Prudente Jr.

Prudente left the scene, but officers were able to locate him.

When contact was made with Prudente, police said he became combative with officers. He was eventually handcuffed.

Shortly after, Prudente became unresponsive. Officers gave him CPR and an AED. Prudente was transported to a local hospital where he died.

The North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation was contacted to conduct an investigation into the incident. The two officers involved were placed on administrative leave.

The results of the investigation were forwarded to the Morton County State’s Attorney’s Office for review, and the State’s Attorney’s Office determined no crime was committed by officers and there will be no criminal charges.

The results of the autopsy concluded the death of Prudente was due to Excited Delirium as a result of methamphetamine use and underlying diagnoses. There was no evidence from the autopsy of excessive use of force.

The two Mandan Police officers who had been on administrative leave, Sgt. David Raugust and Officer Mary Hamilton will be returning to full duty.