With each pedal, sweat, and steer, this man is one step closer to help end gun violence.

“This is something that has to be done. There is a hotline for Mcdonald’s employees that are sexually harassed. So, there can be a hotline for people using firearms to harm other people,” said Scott Hite.

57-year-old Scott Hite is traveling to 10 states along the Missouri River all on a bike. After being born with a clubfoot and having several surgeries that wont stop him from addressing a huge issue in today’s society.

“I saw a video of the Colorado movie theatre shooter. He called a mental health hotline while he was in his car preparing to go into the movie theatre ad no one answered the phone. When I saw that on May 4th I decided right then that there was going to be a permanent hotline,” said Hite.

So he created the Wait One Hotline to stop people of thinking of committing gun violence. It’s a 24-hour service that will never go to voicemail. Why? because each call rings on his three phones, and he answers all of them.

“The goal is to get the person help locally where they live. But I got to make this a permanent entity. The goal for me is to keep this going as an organization,” said Hite.

Hite even wrote to former President Barack Obama on his mission and Obama responded in a personal letter that highlighted “I appreciate your commitment to finding ways to reach out to those struggling.”

As Hite finishes his journey there is no guarantee what will happen but he is dedicated to saving at least one life. When he’s finished traveling, he plans to promote the hotline by printing posters and placing ads mainstream.

He’s been on the road for 67 days. So far he’s driven 1,920 miles to North Dakota and will complete his journey at three thousand miles in Michigan.

Hotline: (833) 924-8663

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