While many industries are still feeling the financial impacts of COVID-19 local artists say they’ve been able to use this time as inspiration for their work.

KX learned about a new Mandan art studio, giving artists access to a work space 24/7.

Artists face challenges on a daily basis whether it’s access, support or the impact of an ongoing pandemic.

“I found that in all honesty that art in the last few months has taken on a special significance because art really lets you express the way you see the world. And it let’s you express sort of what’s going on in your heart,” shares Stephanie Jorritsma, a freelance artist.

Stephanie Jorritsma was one of the local artists to have a piece featured in Lifeless Art Studio’s first art show ever.

It’s the first time in months that some local artist get the chance to show off their work in person.

“This art show has been a really cool experience to be able to showcase a little bit of work and really see what local artists are doing,” shares Jorritsma.

“It’s always kind of a humbling experience when you put something in. Because it takes a certain amount of courage I suppose to do something you’ve done up on a wall for other people to look and say “what do you think of that? It’s awful…” That kind of thing,” shares Peter Woodrow, another freelance artist who was featured in the show.

The 24 hour art studio was established to give artists a place to be able to work out of anytime of the day because many of them do not have the space or time while at home.

“It’s just a place where there is no distractions, it’s focused directly on creating as an artist,” says Christ Kraft, the owner of Lifeless Art 24hr Studio & Supply.

On top of the main studio space Lifeless Arts also has a classroom space and a wood shop area where Kraft creates custom canvases.

“Other than that I’m here to coach you through the difficulties of creating and producing and just the general problem solving it is for, you know taking from a blank canvas to a finished product,” explains Kraft.

Another reason Kraft opened lifeless arts is to bring local artists together.

“You’d be surprised the amount of people that you meet on the street and they go “oh I paint too,” shares Kraft.

“Everything that’s been going on the last few months has really been overwhelming for a lot of people. And I think that art is a really safe space for us to process that… And to really connect with each other in a deep way,” shares Jorristma.

To have access to the workspace call Lifeless Arts for a monthly membership, you are than given a key fob to have access whenever you want.

You can also find out more information on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/LifelessArts/