MANDAN, N.D. (KXNET) — One of the busiest roads in Mandan may look a bit different over the next two years.

City leaders say they’re working with Montana Dakota Utilities to bury the power lines along Memorial Highway.

So far, the city has been trying to figure out how much of the share the city and the utility would pay for.

City engineer Justin Froseth says the work could happen next year when the city also plans to repave the strip and put in new water drainage.

“And replace it with urban roadway with curb and gutter and underground storm sewer. So, I guess sort of a meat and potatoes part of it. I think in doing that, especially with the drainage improvements, we’ll also improve the aesthetics in the corridor,” Froseth said.

Froseth says burying the power lines is estimated to cost around $3.4 million.