MANDAN, N.D. (KXNET) — North Dakota lawmakers have already given their blessing to allow cigar lounges throughout the state — but unfortunately, one of the first of these gathering spots can’t open just yet.

Josette Dupree, the owner of Big Stick Cigars in Mandan, has been pushing for the legislation for a few years.

Right now, she says she’s scouting out potential locations to open a lounge, if Mandan city leaders give their blessing.

In order to officially open the building, city leaders first need to finish the paperwork and approve their local ordinance allowing cigar lounges in the city — which, according to Dupree, has not happened yet.

“Probably to next month’s commission meeting,” Dupree said. “Reviewing the information, answering some questions, and then hopefully going forward from there. But overall, it did feel good, I got a sense from the city commission that this is something that they will approve.”

Under the new state law, a cigar lounge must install a ventilation system that won’t funnel the air into nonsmoking areas. The law applies only to cigars — no cigarettes, pipes, or vapes are allowed in the buildings.