Mandan, ND (KXNET) — A school principal in Mandan may be a little difficult to get ahold of over the next couple weeks, because he’s heading out of the country on a mission trip.

Dave Steckler, who’s the principal at Red Trail Elementary in Mandan, is packing up to fly to Guatemala, where he and a team of 50 volunteers will spend a week building a school.
They were chosen as part of Lifetouch Memory Mission and an effort known as ‘Hug it Forward.’
The men and women will travel to a small village in Guatemala, using filled plastic bottles as ‘eco bricks’ which will be used instead of cinder blocks to help create the three-room schoolhouse.
Steckler says he’ll have some cell phone reception there, but he’ll room with a stranger, working from sunup to sundown as they try to finish the project on time.

“The way of life, what they’re going through and the survival that they have. That’s where I talked about the emotional piece. We take a lot of things for granted,” Steckler said. “And we have people who build our schools. Red Trail is eight years old going on nine years. I got to walk through the building and just look at it. I didn’t put a brick into this building. But I’m going to Guatemala to do that.”

As part of the mission, volunteers will also take portraits of the children who will study at the new school, and those pictures will be given to the families.
Steckler flies back to the U.S. next week.