MANDAN, N.D. (KXNET) — His candy is ready, his inflatables are set and his yard is a horrifying masterpiece.

A family in Mandan says they’re all ready to scare the daylights out of anybody, and they can’t wait for you to get there.

There’s no missing Chris Scott’s yard.

“All out, I’ve probably been going about six years,” Scott said.

To say he circles Halloween on his calendar every year is an understatement.

“It all goes back to watching a horror show when I was about eight,” Scott said. “And I loved it ever since.”

Scott loves a good scare so much, he draws up a plan for how to turn his yard and his garage into a terrifying tour.

“I start sometime in September,” Scott said. “Animatronics alone takes a long time to put together.”

Every year, Scott tries to outdo himself. This year, that includes a clown room in his garage, as well as a lit-up backyard, with mannequin legs, inflatables, and some talkative dummies.

“People love to get out. I love to see the look on the kids’ faces when they see what I’ve done,” Scott said.

Chris says he, his family, and friends show up on Halloween, all dressed up to add some more lifelike scares to his haunted house. He says they’ll start welcoming trick-or-treaters to their street on Monday evening.

“I have 800 full-size candy bars ready to go,” Scott said.

A nice treat after what promises to be a big scare in Mandan.

You can find the Scott family along 34th Avenue just off Old Red Trail in Mandan.