One area community organization is planning to help people statewide.

Community members came together to help people displaced by both fires at the Sunset Bluffs Apartment complex in Mandan.

Now, the Mandan Fire Relief group is working on going mobile in order to help more victims across the Peace Garden State.

Through their experience, the group says they have found their calling and is mobilizing their services.

We spoke with one of the coordinators who says their sole purpose is to provide people with the help within the first 48 hours.

“The first 48 hours is getting, you know, those basic needs. The personal hygiene, change of clothes, finding out who’s in the community. You know, who’s affected. So do you need diapers? Do you need formula? What are the needs? And by doing that we can work with a community coordinator in that location,” explained Patty Barrette, the Coordinator for Mandan Fire Relief.

Connecting with a community coordinator will also help people with long term needs like getting new housing.

The group is currently planning a trip to Oregon this week to help people there displaced by fires.