MANDAN, N.D. (KXNET) — Mandan High School seniors just took a step back in time by visiting their old stomping grounds — Fort Lincoln Elementary School.

“We just came to visit the kids and talk to them, see our old school,” said Senior Trinn Nybakken.

They were welcomed with cookies from their former teachers, and the students who have now taken their place. Trinn says that it is surreal to be back at the elementary school.

“It’s so special,” Nybakken stated. “I almost cried. Seeing some of the teachers I had, and I didn’t realize how little — like, I feel so big now. But it’s so special to see everybody.”

One former student, Alex Wegner, says it’s exciting to be able to visit with the students.

“It’s super exciting, he stated. “I just, we never got the chances when we were in elementary school to see the seniors come through — so to be able to help the elementary kids see what they could become one day, it’s kinda cool.”

With years of experience, the two grads also have a lot more of an understanding as to what they’d like to tell the new generation of students — and so, before leaving, the two grads gave some helpful words for the younger students.

“Work hard, grades matter, and just have fun, because it goes so fast,” said Nybakken.

Wegner had another valuable piece of advice: “Stay out of trouble!”

Mandan High School seniors will graduate on Sunday, May 28.