Mandan High School is responding to complaints from students about the principal’s use of offensive terms during an assembly earlier this week.

A Mandan High School senior who asked not to be named said during an assembly about improving culture and respect among students Wednesday, Principal Mark Andresen used a racial slur.

The student says Andresen used the word as an example of what not to say to others.

KX reached out to Mandan Public School officials who declined to go on-camera for an interview.

Assistant Superintendent Dr. Jeff Fastnacht did provide a statement, saying the following:

“The context of him using these words was to let students know that they were harmful and never appropriate. The use of derogatory terms is not condoned by Mandan Public School in any instance.”

Fastnacht says the district began an investigation into the incident Thursday morning, and Andresen has acknowledged his mistake with students and staff.

Fastnacht says there have not been any complaints against Andresen in his 27 years at the school.

The student said it’s not the first time something like this has happened at Mandan High School, and other students are also not happy with the school’s response.

“I think he should resign, not just because of this, but because of past instances in the past. But I know that might be somewhat extreme right now, but I feel like a just enough punishment isn’t going to be handed out unless I try to do something about it and what exactly I can do, that’s a good question. But I am trying,” the student said.

Dr. Fastnacht says district officials will take appropriate disciplinary action.