MANDAN. N.D. (KXNET) — Three siblings grabbed their superhero capes and came to the rescue of one boy.

Kenny, Dale, and Kayla from Mandan saw a Facebook post of a boy whose bicycle had been stolen. The three knew they had to do something and decided to help the boy by jumping into action.

“I actually got a text from Dale saying there’s this kid who got his bike stolen. It would be kinda cool if we could work together and give back. We kinda grew up in a household where our parents really taught us if there is anything we can do something to make their day a little bit better we should do as much as we can,” said Kenny Haugen.

So, the race started to find the perfect bike. Although it wasn’t as easy as you might think, it was still a success.

“Well, Dale actually went to all three Walmarts looking for a bike that would be cool enough for him. We tried to get the same one he had or at least something close to it,” said Kenny.

The boy’s family is appreciative of the siblings’ kindness and hopes whoever stole their child’s bike will also show some kindness and perhaps return it.