The Mandan Public Works Department has this update on snow clearing and removal efforts through April 14:

Mandan plows work on streets in the city. (Image: Mandan Public Works)
  • The city is using all available equipment and operators from various departments to assist in snow removal.
  • The priority is keeping emergency routes cleared in all parts of the city, escorting police, fire and emergency medical services as needed.
  • Crews are trying to plow as many residential roadways as possible, making a minimum of one pass down the center of streets.
  • They will return to do additional work, along with helping to clear driveways as time permits, but driveways aren’t a focus right now.  
  • Heavy, wet snow and extended strong winds mean plowing is taking longer than normal.
  • Winds are quickly blowing snow back into recently cleared areas. Snow is freezing in place, making it even more difficult to move.

Public Works Director Mitch Bitz hopes most streets (not alleys) will have a minimum of one lane open on Thursday. The department plans to re-plow residential neighborhoods again starting around 1 a.m. on Friday. This plan is subject to change as conditions change.

Bitz reminds Mandan residents to remove vehicles from on-street parking where possible. If vehicles are on the streets during plowing, it may be difficult to dig out the vehicles from plow-generated snowbanks.